Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Drapery on a Dime

I took a risk with this one.  I was very afraid that in the end it would look like I was drying my laundry on a bunch of curtain rods.  Thankfully though, not the case.  I mentioned in my previous posts that I stumbled across a great deal on blankets ($9.88 each).  They are (pictured below) bright white with great texture.  They worked well on the chair covers so I decided to snatch up a few more and make curtains out of them.  With the help of a few packages of curtain hooks ($3.95 a package of 14) I was able to give the blankets a new life.  I think they give a "shabby chicish" look to the dining area:

And remember that ugly air conditioner in the wall?  (Here's a pic to jog your memory):

 I used a curtain to make it appear as though there is a window there instead:

Here's a shot of the cafe rings I got at Walmart to hang the blankets:

So, for a total cost of $47.42 I was able to outfit the dining room with drapes and give it a softer, "shabby-chic" look.  Not bad considering 90" drapes typically cost $40 a panel. 

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  1. what a difference some good old white paint makes. I have painted chandeliers too. LOVE them....thanks for sharing....
    Please check out my blog and follow along....
    If you like white paint, you may like it...
    thanks, Mariaelena