Monday, March 7, 2011

White Table Set

Did I say "one more coat of paint?"  I meant (sigh) three more coats of paint.  Yes, those not-so-distant memories of painting the trim, doors, etc. four coats of white paint have come back to haunt me.  Nevertheless, at long last, here are the "after" pics of the table and chair set:

You might be thinking, where are the seat covers?  Therein lies my next project.  I found some bright white blankets at Walmart on sale for $9.88 (what a steal!).   I scouped up a few of them to see if they'll work as an inexpensive alternative to fabric for the covers (since I wasn't all too impressed with what the fabric store had to offer).  We'll see what I can get done on those during this afternoon's naptime...


  1. Kate, looks great!!!! I like the white so much better. A little elbow grease makes a huge difference. Looking forward to seeing the fabric on the chairs. What made you decide with white instead of another color for the seats?

  2. Thanks Sarah!

    Just finished the fabric on the chairs tonight - I'm going to wait to take pictures in the morning - daylight makes for better pictures. I decided white for a couple of reasons: 1. to keep the color scheme just a few colors - white, gray, and a few bits of brown and black (moreso in the kitchen). 2. I found these cheap blankets on sale at Walmart for $9.88 a piece 3. I can bleach white, if (and when) they get stained. 4. I went to look for fabrics at the fabric store and didn't find anything that great for the price I wanted to pay.

  3. Kate! IT LOOKS incredible!
    Can you give step by step insturctions. I have a table I want to do this with.. but I don't know where to start?
    Did you sand, prime, use a brush or spray paint?

  4. Thanks Jami!

    Here's what I did:
    1. Went to Lowes and bought white low VOC paint with primer from Valspar.
    2. Sand the table.
    3. Wipe the table with a damp cloth & allow a few minutes to dry.
    4. I used a staining sponge and a small roller to paint with - sponge for the chairs and the roller for the top of the table.
    5. Paint, Paint, Paint, Paint! (literally)
    It took me at least 4 coats of paint to get the results I wanted. If you want to get quicker coverage, you can use a regular paint brush - but I wasn't pleased with some of the paint brush marks mine left when I started out with one. (so I switched to the staining sponge). I hope this helps - let me know if you have any other questions along the way - and I'd love to see the before and after pics! Good luck!