Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Footstool Makeover Part 1

I might be one of few people out there who still looks forward to the mail (snail mail that is).  Maybe it’s the anticipation that perhaps there will be a letter from a friend or an invitation, or possibly a new magazine or the latest Ballard Designs catalog…something other than the usual bill or piece of junk mail.   Well just the other day this little baby was inside the mailbox and it instantly put a smile on my face.
Last year I bought a little stool at one of my favorite antique stores with my growing toddler in mind.  Since she is too small to reach the faucet on her own, I thought this would be perfect for her little toes to step up onto.  Better yet, it was only $7.  Though it doesn’t look like much now, I see potential:
With some cute fabric and bit of paint, this old step stool could be adorable.  So, I’ll be packing the kiddos into the car today to see what good old Jo-Anns has to offer.  Is it just me, or do you get side-tracked when you go to Jo-Anns, or to any fabric store for that matter?  I always lose sight of what I'm looking for, and end up spending way too much time going 'round and 'round the isles putting fabric into my cart, then taking it back out again...changing my mind, etc. etc. Well, when I have 2 kiddos in tow, I don't have the luxury of taking my sweet 'ol time.  So my tip?  Surf around pinterest or google images for a little inspiration before hitting the stores.  This helps give you an idea of something to look for and cuts way down on hemming and hawing time.  Here's a little eye candy for you that I found on pinterest to hold you over until I can show you my results. 
I love the fabric and ruffle on this footstool from I'd love to make one of these someday with pockets for books and things for the kiddos.
  Then there is this beauty from Centsational Girl.  Love the pink ball fringe.

...And the stripes on this one is a show-stopper.  Love the nailhead trim too!  There's a great tutorial as well from Grosgrain Fabulous.

...And last but not least, the two tones on this footstool from Infarrantly Creative are the blue/red combo! 

Thanks for stopping by, check back later in the week for my results...have a great day!

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