Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dear Stephanie

Yes, it’s odd to name a piece of furniture, unless you work for Ikea I suppose.  But, as I was ripping into one of the wingback chairs, a small tag fell out of the tattered batting.   It read, "Stephanie." Well Stephanie, if you’re out there, (if that’s really your name …if you’re even female…I digress) you did one heck of a job putting this wingback together.  There must have been over a thousand staples holding the upholstery on.  I may have cursed you a few times as I slipped up with the needle nose pliers and cut my hand.  Sorry.  Anyway, I’ve decided to name the chair after you.  Consider it a tribute to all of the hard work you put into this chair back in her the looks of these before pictures, was way, way back.  Here is “Stephanie” when I first brought her home from the lovely land of craigslist:

And here she is now, outfit with sparkling white duck cloth and snazzy gilded nail head trim:

Let me be the first to say, I am not a professional, not even close.  I really winged it on this, (no pun intended) and yes – it does show, but I don’t care.  It’s…perfectly imperfect let’s just say.  Some might even call it “shabby chic.” More shabby than chic, but who’s counting.   I litterally took it piece by piece, guessing as I went along.  I plan to take better "during" pictures when I do the second chair (this one was the proverbial guinnea pig)  so look forward to a DIY tutorial coming soon.   As for now...lookin' good Steph.  You almost killed me a few times, but I survived and am ready for round two.  Bring it.   

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