Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bar Stool After Shots!

Well, it's been a crazy couple of weeks to say the least...but I'm baaaack!  Remember my "Early Mother's Day" present?  (to jog your memory, my $25 bar stools)  Well, I couldn't be happier to say that they're finally done.  I got out my handy dandy white spray paint, found some fabulous (and inexpensive) fabric and went to town on these babies.   Here are the before shots of the stools:

...And a close-up of the seats:

And here they are after the makeover:

I love how these have turned out.  The mustard yellow brings in just the right pop of color that I needed in my gray kitchen/dining area.  If you'd like to give some chairs or stools a makeover like this, here's how:

1.  Purchase spray paint in the color of your choice.  (I LOVE white, have I mentioned?   I got 2 cans of white primer and 2 cans of white paint at Lowes, $3.50 a pop).
2.  Remove fabric seats. (I simply turned the chairs upside-down and unscrewed the screws).
3.  Sand the wood, and clean.  (I used any old household cleaner I had on hand).
4.  In a well ventilated area, (I went outside) start spraying. 
5.  Let seats dry.
6.  Take fabric seat cushion and lay out on new fabric.
7.  Pin around the coushin (leave yourself enough extra fabric on the edges so you can staple.)
8.  Cut out pattern.
9.  Place seat cushion back on fabric, and fold sides of fabric onto the cushion.
10.  Pull fabric tight and start stapling!
11.  Rescew fabric seats onto stools.
12.  Stand back, enjoy!

Total cost for this project: just over $50.  Not too shabby!
What's next you ask?  Here's a sneak peek:

I'm also plugging away at the settee and sunroom makeovers, stay tuned for those as well.

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