Friday, April 15, 2011

Pass the Mustard, Please

Little did I know that yesterday would be all about mustard?  Let me explain.  I'd cleaned out the refrig on Wednesday and (being a little lazy) left an expired bottle of mustard in the sink to clean and recycle.  The next morning, wrinkled nose and pursed lips, I held back the gag reflex as I was washed it out.  Fast forward to later in the day as I was perusing the isles at JoAnn's to find a fabric to cover the seats of my newly purchased bar stools.  Nothing seemed to jump out at me right away.  But, just as I was about to give up and call it a day, something caught my eye.  Maybe it was the smell of mustard lingering in my nose from the morning, I don't know, but oddly enough I was drawn to this yellowy, mustardy colored fabric:

 Not being a huge mustard lover, I was surprised that I gave this a second look.  I was even trying to talk myself out of it...but for some reason I just plain liked it!  Even more, I liked the price: $5.59 a yard.  So, for a mere $11.18 I scored myself some great fabric for my next project.  I think the yellow will give my gray kitchen a great little pop of color. Stay tuned for the before and after pics!   

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