Monday, June 20, 2011

Rug Hunt

I've mentioned before that my sunroom is now a beautiful shade of navy (Symphony Blue by Benjamin Moore), which looks crisp next to the bright white paneling I've painted in there.  I've also used lots of other blue and white accents to decorate the room.  For a pop of color, I'm going to bring in a shade of grassy green (inspired by a small leaf in one of the accent fabrics I used).  Today's mission - area rug.  I love this one at Crate and Barrel:
I'd like to find something similar that is a bit softer (I'm picturing many falls and crawls so it needs to be knee-friendly) and a lot less expensive (crumbs, popsicles, milk, yeah - a little less la-di-da is the way to go).  With a bit of luck I'll have something later today to show you!

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