Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunroom Decorating: Part 1

Remember all of the fabric I got for pillows and other accents in the sunroom?  Here's a pic to jog your memory:

Well, I'm finally putting it to good use.  I decided to reupholster the leather-seated bar stools we have in there.  Since I didn't have enough of one fabric to cover both stools, I decided to use two coordinating fabrics.  A bit of a design risk?  Yes.  Working for me?  Definitely.  Here is a shot of the bar stools in original form:

And here they are now:

I like the "his" and "hers" kind of feeling they give now. They also make the room a bit more cozy, not to mention colorful.  Even better - I have enough fabric left over from both to make small pillows that I'll use somewhere else in the room. 

What's next?  Well, I'd been on the hunt for two chairs to put around the round, white table I painted last week in the sunroom...when it dawned on me:  I already have two chairs from my dining room set that are just waiting to be painted (sitting in my garage!).  I'd only painted four out of the set of 6 when I did the dining set makeover.  I just love it when I can go shopping in my garage (or basement).   Stay tuned for the before and after pics!

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