Thursday, September 13, 2012

Footstool Tutorial

Good Morning! Popping in fairly quickly today to show you the footstool tutorial then it's off to Nana and Grampie's for some good old fashioned fall family fun. We are taking the kids apple picking, one of my absolute favorite activities as a New Englander. Stay tuned for some snapshots of the festivities... Ok, let's get right to it, shall we? This is so simple to do, and doesn't require a lot of your time. (Moms out there, it can be done in a single nap). Here is a list of materials you will need:

1. Staple gun
2. Fabric
3. Nail Heads for trim (about $1.50 at your local fabric store)
4. Paint
5. Paint brush
6. Sewing machine (optional)

If you plan to paint the legs or any other part of the furniture, it is wise to do this first. I did it last only because at one point I thought I would keep the wood. Later I decided it would look better painted so I had to cover it with a trash bag to avoid painting on my new fabric.

Now take your piece of furniture and flip it over. Remove the current fabric or covering (sometimes it's leather, etc.) A staple remover comes in handy, but is not necessary - a butter knife works just fine too.

Next, either take the old fabric and use it as an outline to cut your new fabric, or just place the piece of furniture onto your new fabric and cut around it, leaving enough around the edge to fold over and make your staples. Take your staple gun, pull fabric tight, staple, repeat. When you get to a corner, fold the fabric into a neat pleat, and staple.


If you want to make a ruffle like mine, just take a long, thin piece of fabric and make a fold on the rough edge. (Mine is only 3 inches wide so I only had enough to make one tiny seam) Iron fold. Sew the fold to make the seam.

Now, take your piece of fabric, and hold it onto your newly upholstered furniture. Take a nail head and hammer in fabric to secure it to the furniture. Give yourself about an inch, fold fabric in and over, and put another nail head in. Continue this step until you've made it all the way around the piece of furniture.


Step back, and enjoy! You did it!

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