Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Evolution of the Downstairs Bathroom

It is safe to say that I change the wall colors in my house as often as most women change their nailpolish.  Ok, well maybe not quite as often, but pretty darn close.  I blame it on not knowing  the direction I wanted to go with in the house when I painted "round 1."  Luckily, paint is easily changed and relatively least that's how I rationalize it.  When we first moved in, the downstairs bath was a shade of lavender.  I had, at the time, already painted the family room beige and the kitchen artichoke.  The goal was to get the rooms to mesh...flow together, or at least have a common theme.  So, I decided to go with the red (eek) that was in the curtains I'd hung in the family room.  Yes it was a bold choice, and a bold color for such a small bath.  Truth be told I hated it the second I started painting, but I "lived" with it for a few years (aka didn't repaint it right away because I was preggers with my little girl) before finally changing it to something a little more easy on the eyes.  Before we get to the "afters" lets check out where we started:
Here is what the bathroom originally looked like when we moved in.  Unfortunately this is the only photo I took, but it gives you a general idea of the color, and dark trim, baseboards and doors we had:

OK, put on your sunglasses, here it is in red (Valspar "Spanish Tile").  Oh gosh, it's like nails on a chalkboard for too? 
Angle 1 before: 
Ok, here it is now, same angle: 

Angle 2 before: 
Angle 2 after:
Angle 3 before: 
Angle 3 after: 
And here are a few more snapshots, just for fun...  


I chose Benjamin Moore "Healing Aloe" for the walls and painted the trim, baseboards and doors Sherwin Williams "Extra White."  We replaced the old chipping vanity with a gorgeous grey and white marble topped one (a Christmas gift last year - thanks Mom and Dad!).  I added in apricot towels, a vintage dish ($4 at the thrift store) and made a shower curtain out of a liner and a bit of ribbon I found at the dollar store to give the space a little punch of color.  The curtain is from Walmart, I got it a long time ago, it was around $9 for two I think.  I still would like to add a few more accessories like a hanging magazine rack, and something for the little toilet "nook" if you will.  Stay tuned for those updates!  Thanks for checking in, hope you enjoyed it! 

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