Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Lunch Served To-Day"

If you are a Sarah Richardson fan, and I undoubtedly am, you may have recognized this hanging in the corner of my kitchen:
 It’s my own rendition of the charming sign that hangs in Sarah's farmhouse kitchen: 
Believe it or not, I made it mostly out of items I already had lying around the house! Here's how: The wood was salvaged from the cabinet demo. The gray paint was left over from the painted wallpaper project.  I found another bracket in the closet (remember the ones I used for the shelf in the sunroom? There were more!) so I rescued it and spray painted it black.  I have this box full of screws, hanging materials, and other miscellaneous junk that I just don’t know what to do with (you have one too?)  where I found the ring that the sign is hanging on.  I free-hand painted the letters onto the wood and then scuffed the whole thing up with steel wool after it dried.  Lastlty I hit it a few times with the handle of a butter knife and used a dry paintbrush with a little touch of the gray paint over the letters to give it a worn out look.  The only two  items I purchased to complete this project were a tube of deep gray acrylic paint and a 99 cent can of black spray paint (both from Walmart).  Total cost $2.    
I also made the "Farm Fresh Eggs" sign using most of the same materials, only I used the leftover paint from the front door (adding in a touch of gray and white to get the ochre color).  This time I used letters I printed from the computer, traced and painted. Like so:
Use a piece of chalk on the back side of each cutout:
Then place the cut out onto your wood and trace over the letters; this will leave a faint chalk inprint on the wood.
Now fill in the lines with paint.  I scuffed it with steel wool and beat it with my butter knife to give it a worn look:
 Ta Da!
 I think I'll make another one for fall, stay tuned...Thanks for stopping in!

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  1. Beautiful Home! I would love to know where the white and metal counter containers are from?