Thursday, September 27, 2012

Burlap and Ruffle Runner

Good morning! If you like burlap, then you’re going to love today’s project. I purchased a few yards of it last Christmas with the hope of making a garland out of it for the tree. Sadly I never got around to making one, so it just sat in my craft closet…until now. I saw this adorable runner on pinterest that combined rustic burlap with a soft ruffle. Sold. Out with the garland, in with a runner. I remembered that there was an old pillow case sitting in my linen closet that had a stain on it...perfect for a ruffle! So off to the sewing machine I ran. Here’s my new runner: 
Here’s how I did it: First, I used another runner I had lying around in the closet to measure the length. I gave myself a few extra inches in width to make a seam on either side.

I ironed and hemmed the sides and ends:
Then, I took the pillow case and cut off the hemmed end. This will be the ruffle. I cut it open, then in half, and then sewed it to the ends of the runner. 

 Lastly, I sewed on some grosgrain ribbon (also from the craft closet) to hide the seams:

Voila! New table runner perfect for fall. 

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