Monday, September 17, 2012

One Morning in Maine

Ever drive by a house and instantly get inspired?  It happened to me one morning when I was on a dirt road in Maine.  We were taking my daughter on a golf cart ride, or as she refers to it as golf “part” ride, when I suddenly shouted, wait! Stop!  Sure I probably gave them both a startle, but something had caught my eye.  There hidden amongst a bunch of trees sat a beautiful gray house with the most welcoming yellow door.  I couldn’t take my eyes off it, or my mind for that matter.  We must have done a dozen drive bys before we finally got so bold as to drive down the driveway to get a close look.  We thought for sure no one was home…when, Oops!  A light popped on upstairs and of course we did the mature thing, and high-tailed it out of there as fast as we could.  Hearts racing, we sped home thinking that was the last of our stalking days.  When all was practically forgotten as we were sitting down to dinner that night, the phone rang.  (cue red cheeks) It was the neighbor who owned the house.  She’d recognized the golf cart and knew exactly who to call.  Not my most proud moment, but the embarrassment subsided when she invited us back over to get a real close look and also gave me a swatch of the paint she used!  Score.  When we got home, I was determined to give our white doors a color boost.  Many, many, many paint swatches later, I (finally) found the right yellow that complimented the gray on our siding.  I think it gives the whole house a warm welcoming feeling.  So, in keeping with the “let’s-see-where-we-started” theme, here is a shot of our house when we first moved in:
 And here is a snap of what it looked like with the new siding and white front door:
And here it is with the yellow doors...
While I was at it (as you can see in this photo) I decided to paint the mailbox too, to match.  Here's a closer look at what it used to look like: 
 And here it is now:

Stay tuned later in the week for a tutorial on how to paint your mailbox.  I'll also be working on something to put on the front door to give it a little fall update...

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