Tuesday, September 18, 2012

$2 Mirror Makeover

My plan for today was to show you the “door décor” I have been working on…but it isn’t quite right yet.  So instead I have a fun makeover I’ll share that took little time and effort to do.  I came across a mirror at a flea market that looked just the right size for my entryway.  It was a little beat up, but that’s never deterred me before.  A little paint could give it a whole new life.  The gentleman behind the folding table said, “Two dollars.”  I couldn’t even counter…two bucks is two bucks.  I said without hesitation, “deal” and was happily on my way.  I love mirrors in entryways.  They give you the opportunity to check yourself out before leaving, and your guests the opportunity to do the same when they first enter.   As a busy mom I’ve found it’s so helpful to know that yes, I did put on mascara today or no Kate, get back inside and fix that crazy hairdo you have.  Here is the mirror “before.” 

And here it is after a little spray paint:
Not bad for just a few buckaroos.  After spraying the mirror I roughed it up a bit with some sand paper to give it a more cottage-y look.  Then I printed a "G" from the computer (just from Microsoft Word) then traced it onto the mirror.  I used my crafters paint to fill in the outline, then used the sand paper again, just over the painted letter...ta-da! Looks kind of like I stenciled it right?  OK I'm off to play with the kiddos...Hope you enjoyed today’s makeover.  Have a great day!

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