Friday, September 28, 2012

Vintage Ladder Magazine Rack

I mentioned last week that I was on the hunt for a vintage wooden ladder that could double as a magazine rack in my downstairs bath. Since then, I searched high and low for one. I saw a few at a nearby flea market but they were asking way too much for them ($55 a pop!). I did a little research and decided to phone a local antique shop to see if they had any. The kind woman on the phone said she could have one in her store for me by the very next day for under $20. PERFECT. I packed the kiddos into the car and off we were the next morning. My heart sank as we drove into the parking lot. The ladder she had wouldn’t have fit in our house, never mind my bathroom (or car for that matter). I almost kept on driving, but saw the woman outside and decided I’d at least thank her anyway and then be on our merry way. After doing so and explaining that it was just too big, she quickly offered to cut it down to any size I wanted…and would reduce the price to boot! Score. I had her cut 4 feet, (so I could safely get it into the car) paid her $10 and whistled all the way home. The whistling stopped however once I got it into the bathroom. It was a bit bigger than I’d anticipated for the space. It’s growing on me though. I think I’ll leave it there until I find another place for it anyway. Here are a few shots of it in its new home: 

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