Monday, October 15, 2012

The Motley Crew (Finally) Gets A Makeover

I forgot that chairs are deceivingly difficult to paint.  First, they seem to have a million rungs and hidden corners that need paint, at every different angle.  Second, they take at least 4 coats of paint to get full coverage.  So, 4 chairs times 4 coats...16 coats of paint (at least!) equals a lot of time and patience.  (Two things that run a little low these days.)  Perhaps it was the weather last week, but cuddling with the little guy and catching a few extra z’s during naptime was much more appealing to me than painting.  Can you blame me? Excuses aside, here are the chairs (finally!) outfit with Benjamin Moore’s “Healing Aloe.” Best part of this makeover, it cost $0 to do. (I already had the paint leftover from the downstairs bath, and I had extra fabric from the ottoman makeover.)  So without further ado, here are the "beauties" before:
And here they are now:
Around the table before:
Around the table after:  



Hope you enjoyed today’s project!  Have a great day!

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