Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Decorating a Mirror

Today I’ve got a really fun and rather quick project you can do. I had been admiring a gorgeous book page wreath on one of my “daily reads” over at Jones Design Company. I was more than delighted to discover that not only did she make it herself, but she also gave a tutorial on how to make one of my own. 

We desperately needed something to hang on the large mirror in our living room to block out the reflection of the TV. (Tip: if you plan to hang a mirror somewhere, be sure to take into account what is going to be reflected in it…you may decide you don’t like what you see.) So, I gave the tutorial a try and am so glad I did!


All you need for this project is a wreath frame, a hot glue gun, an old book, and a bit of fabric.

First, rip out the pages of a book.

Next, fold the paper like an accordian, back and forth, and pinch one end, leaving the other side to curl.


Put a dot of glue on the folded end and apply to the back of your wreath frame.  Repeat steps one and two until you have made it all the way around what will be the back of your frame.  Now flip the frame over and start on the front.  Keep folding, gluing and applying round and round until you have a full wreath.  You may need to squeeze some in at the end where there are gaps.

I love how this wreath adds texture and interest to the room.  Give it a try, I'd love to see your results!


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