Friday, August 24, 2012

Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier

Happy Friday!  Thought I’d share a little project I did back when I was pregnant with #2.  I was surfing around pinterest one day for DIY chandeliers.  (I’ve recently come to realize that I have a chandelier fetish…Some girls have shoes, bags or clothing fetishes…nope, not me.  I love chandeliers…can’t get enough of them.  I think I’d have one in every room of my house if I could…actually – we practically do come to think of it.)  I was looking for something to replace the lighting in my downstairs bath...

...and came across a great tutorial for a DIY capiz shell chandelier.  Guess what it’s made of?  WAX PAPER!  Yep, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw it.  Best part of this one too, no rewiring required. (Say that 5 times fast)  This is a great one to do when your prego…requires a lot of sitting, cutting, sewing and patience.  The first time I tried it I cut each individual circle out by hand.  It was a lot faster/easier with a circle cutter…probably cut the time in half actually.  But, it is not necessary to complete this project. 

1.       2 Boxes Wax Paper
2.       Iron
3.       Sewing Machine
4.       Scissors
5.       Old Lamp Shade
6.       Cup Hooks
7.       Muffin Tin

     1.       Take your old lamp shade and cut the fabric off so you are left with just the skeleton.

2.       Take your wax paper, pull off 3 large pieces and iron together.  Set aside; pull off 3 more, iron.  Repeat until you have used all of the wax paper.

3.       Find a circular object (I used a candle votive) and start tracing.  Trace, trace trace trace.  (Here is where a circle cutter comes in handy – you can get them at JoAnn Fabrics for around $20 and you can skip this step.

4.       Start cutting…and cutting, and cutting

5.       Place circles in muffin tin.

6.       Sew circles together.  I sewed one long strand, and gave myself a few extra stitches every 18th circle…so I could cut them apart.

7.       Cut strands of 18 (or whatever length you desire).

8.       Hang strands over the edges of your skeleton lamp shade.

9.       Screw 3 or 4 cup hooks around your light source.

10.   Hang chandelier

11.   Enjoy!
Here's the lampshade I started with:
And this is a shot of one of the smaller strands...(thank you Vanna!)
And here's the end to the old light fixture for full effect. 
And here's a shot of it with the light on:

Much better right?  Not bad I guess for about $9....I liked it enough to make 2...




  1. Katie! This is awesome. I was looking into capiz chandeliers for my daughter's new bedroom but was hoping to spend less. Thought I was going to have to bite the bullet until now. Thank you! I am SOOOO trying this. How did you attach the strands to the shade frame; tie with left over string, glue? I wonder how this would look with brown wax paper....

  2. Hi Kelly! So glad you like it! I just draped the string in half over the edge of the shade frame. I think any color wax paper would work. I was also thinking of making one with color tissue paper in between two pieces of wax paper for a fun little twist. Good luck and let me know if you ave any other questions along the way! Would love to see pictures of your end result!!!