Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Morning!  So, It occurred to me after I posted the “before and afters”  of the flower boxes yesterday, that I neglected to show you what it used to look like, before before…when we first moved in.  We’re talking tires, overgrown bushes…the works.  It only seems fair to give you the full view of what we were dealing with.  

So without further ado…Here is a shot of the side of the pool with full-brush coverage (where we've ultimately rearranged the fence).  You wouldn't know it from this picture, but once fall comes - all of that lovely green goes away, and bam...huge condos hit you right in the face.  I'll show you what I mean in another month or so. 

And here is another angle of the pool area, showing off the lovely makeshift pool cover.  (Also, check out that blueberry blue  paint color on the house and pool shed!  More on that to come...stay tuned.)  

First on the chopping block was the brush that surrounded to pool to make room for the fence.  
Next we took off the pool cover...with the hope that a gorgeous pool lie underneath.....
 …Niiiice right? It’s just beckoning you to come in, sit by the pool. Relax….No? Not so much.  But, after a little TLC....



 Much better...anyone else hearing "It's five o'clock somewhere" ringing in your ears? 

*Update* If you are interested in making some flower boxes of your own, stay tuned for a full tutorial.

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