Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fencing In

Good Morning to your morning coffee?  I do...mmmm so good.  Coffee and a few before and after pics to start the day, what could be better than that?

We decided to rearrange our fence so that we could reclaim some space on our side yard and block out our neighbors in back.  Once all was said and done, there was still an odd space at the bottom of the fence that screamed for attention.  Enter flower boxes.  Since an 8-foot premade flower box (times 8) was out of our budget, we decided to make some of our own.   Some pressure treated wood, nails, a hammer, and some screening for the bottom was all it took to make these not-so-little beauties.    Here are the before and afters:

If you decide to make a few of these yourself, make sure you get flowers that are appropriate for the amount of sunlight you get.  These are all full-sun annuals and are very happy here because they get bright sunlight all day long.  Also, to save some cash on potting soil, we filled the bottom half of the boxes with empty water bottles, then covered those with moisture control potting soil.  This helps to cut down on watering.

We love how these turned out.  Amazing what a little color can bring into a space, right?  Ok off to feed the kiddos.  Have a great day! 


  1. Katie these flower boxes are gorgeous! I will definitely be pinning for some inspiration for next year. Glad your blog is back, and hope you and the kids are doing great!

  2. Thank you Brittany! Congratulations on your pregnancy! A little girl right? So very exciting. Best of luck and enjoy every second of it all...