Friday, September 21, 2012

Hand Towel Update

Happy Friday!    I was doing my regular “Friday morning pick-up” around the house and was just about to toss away the fabric scraps that were still lying around from the stepstool makeover.  Grammy if you’re reading this, you’ll be proud.  I decided that instead of letting them go to waste, I’d use them to make small embellishments on the hand towels in the bathroom.   Here are the towels “before.”

And here they are now:
 Another before:
And after:
And one more snapshot of it all together:

If you'd like to give this a try at home, here's how:

1. Cut fabric into strips
2.  Fold edges, iron, and hem with sewing machine:
3. To make a longer piece, (so I could ruffle the fabric) I sewed two strips together:
4. Sew onto towels, pleating the fabric every inch or so.
5. Step back, enjoy!

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